At Local Trades we have an in house team of web designers creating stunning websites for our customers. Last year we designed over 100 websites for our clients with a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Why is are customer satifaction so high? we simply go the extra mile for our clients. All our websites come with search engine optimisation, google registration, email set up, embeded social media pages and the all important custom contact form.


We don’t charge extra to make your website look great on smartphones and tablets, so whether your customers are at their desk or on the move, they’ll always be able to connect with you, effortlessly and stylishly.





The majority of website visitors don’t read through text, they quickly scan through it! In fact, 80% of website visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read text in its entirety. Because of this, many businesses have found it valuable to use video to quickly convey their primary value proposition.


Videos on your website are the perfect way to showcase your business, engage with your audience online and get people talking about you. If you want people to pay attention to you online, don’t just say it, show it.

Video content can also have massive impact to your search engine rankings and done right, a video can make just as much impact as a TV advertisement.


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