At Local Trades a yearly membership subscription is only £199.00 for the enitre year. We do have the option to trial our services for only £49.00 for three months before signing up.

Once we have confirmed availability and completed our vetting and checking process, we require photographic proof of Public Liability Insurance. Once this has been done, you’re all set up and good to go! It is important we do these checks and receive the requested information, as essentially this is the reason people use our website.  
As a Local Trades representative all you need to do is ensure is that you contact every lead at the specified time (providing you can take on the work). You must also represent the Local Trades brand in a respectful manner, ensuring work is to a high quality of standards. If for any reason you can’t take on that job, just let us know as soon as possible and we’ll pass that lead to one of our reserves.


Tradesman can be working on a job for weeks, even months, which is why we must have reserves in place. Leads are sent to reserves when a representative cannot take on the work. This can be quite often depending on the leads that come through and how busy our representative is. 
After a representative confirms they can’t take on the work, the lead will initially go to the first reserve and if they are unable to take on the work, it will then go to the 2nd reserve. Becoming a reserve still means you’re a Local Trades approved representative. 
If we already have a representative in place for your trade, get signed up as a reserve, all it takes is for a tradesman to be busy and that lead will come to you. 
Reserve prices for the entire year; 
1st Reserve: £89.00 |  2nd Reserve: £39.00 per year


All Local Trades representatives will receive their own unique membership numbers and online personalised graphics. These can be used in several ways to show you’re a local Trades approved representative. To use this information, you need to ensure you have a valid membership, if you cancel your membership you are no longer able to use these graphics.  


To ensure we get the volume of traffic to our site and the leads through for our representatives, we use a range of promotional strategies. 
We use Google Ads, and run most of our campaigns via social media. We send out generic campaigns for Local Trades as well as personalised campaigns for each trade/sector. As the leads firstly come to us we monitor them and can send out campaigns in accordance.   
The reason we find this so successful is we do this during peak times. Most people use our website during the evening as our campaigns generally run at this time.
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